New Products: The Neon Renaissance

Neon at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Neon from New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 (photo credit: Sharona Gott)

Nike Neon Shoes

Nike's Flyknit "Volt" green running shoes in action at the 2012 Olympics (photo credit: Will Clayton)

Neon Ink on Neutral Fabric

Neon screenprinting on a neutral-colored tote bag.

C110 Heavyweight back sacks in new neon colors

Neon is back…but not how we remember it.

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 reintroduced these bright, saturated hues in ways that shrug off their late-80’s baggage – nothing kitch about it. But in the case of designers like Walter Baker and Jason Wu, “fun and lively” is still very much a part of the neon equation.

The 2012 Olympics in London saw Nike (not an official sponsor of the games) pull off a clever bit of ambush marketing by adorning over 400 athletes (800 feet) with “Volt” green Flyknit shoes. “Volt” was a hue developed by Nike for visibility and impact, and is the shoe manufacturer’s new signature color. Considering Nike’s reputation as a marketing and branding powerhouse, we ought to take note.

Inspired by these heroes of fashion, trends and marketing, Sideline Bag+Leather (Carolina Sewn) has introduced neon colors to two of our bestselling back sack lines: we are already taking orders for the C110 Heavyweight Back Sack in neon green, neon blue and neon pink. The C103 Back Sack (the C110’s lighter-duty cousin) enjoys the addition of five neons: orange, yellow, green, blue and pink. Both backsacks will be shipping this Spring.

In case you are feeling creative, we are also adding five neon ink colors to our screenprinting palette to match our back sack colors. The inks can, of course, be used on any screenprinted product. In that spirit, we suggest trying a “neon+neutral” look: take a neutral colored product (tan, cream, black, gray, etc.) and use one of our neon inks to add a screenprinted graphic that really pops.

Also noteworthy are our sister company’s (MCM Group) forays into neon through new lanyard colors and teddybear t-shirt graphics.

Check out the C103 Back Sack, the C110 Heavyweight Back Sack and other new products and deals in our catalog.

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