Six Products to Watch in 2013

Our 2013 catalog has just been released and friendly wagers are being made around our office as to which new products are going to make the biggest splash in the college market. After several conversations among Carolina Sewn staff – as well as people outside our organization – we came up with a list of seven items we have a strong feeling about…presented here in no particular order:

C335 Westbridge Leather Rucksack

No. 1

C239 Westbridge Leather Tablet Case

No. 2

C355, C356, C357 Italian Toscana Journals

No. 3

C345 Timeless Tote by Sideline Bag and Leather

No. 4

C139 Rally Duffel by Sideline Bag and Leather

No. 5

C215 Waxed Cotton Canvas Satchel by Sideline Bag and Leather

No. 6


1. C335 Westbridge Leather Rucksack
Our Waxed Cotton Canvas Rucksack (C217) has been dominating sales since its introduction, so it was only logical to introduce the same design in our exclusive vegetable-tanned Westbridge Leather. This is the same leather used for our alumni-oriented collection – and this rucksack is definitely a prestige piece – but the functionality is well-suited to the student on campus who has a taste for finery that works.

2. C239 Westbridge Leather Tablet Case
Our college market intel shows a big on-campus shift in mobile technology: laptop computers are giving up significant market share to smaller, more physically versatile tablets and e-readers. If you’ve noticed this phenomenon, as we have, you can imagine the potential success of a ┬átablet case constructed of our stunning Westbridge Leather, yet priced within the reach of your undergrad community.

3. C355, C356 & C357 Italian Toscana Journals
…But in the age of tablets, “texting” and Twitter what is the state-of-the-art for writing? Without getting too philosophical, it surprised us how many of our peers, college-aged and otherwise, keep hand-written journals. You could say that it’s a counter to the instant communication age: engaging in the digital world, but simultaneously having something else that is more permanent, more beautiful, more personal, more meditative than punching a smartphone screen. Italian Euro-chic helps, too.

4. C345 Timeless Tote
Basic + versatile = timeless. Plus, if you like to get creative with your graphics, you can really go all out with this tote. The imprintable area is relatively large, and you can match your ink color to the handle color (choice of burgundy, navy or black) to really tie it all together. Did we mention the Timeless Tote is made of our new “peachskin” cotton canvas? It has the full strength of 12oz. canvas, but as the name suggests, offers a truly distinctive hand! Insider Note: “hand” is the fashion industry term used to describe a fabric’s texture or feel.

5. C139 Rally Duffle
We think that this is the year that duffles are really going to break through and transcend their gym/military persona. 12oz. “peachskin” cotton canvas is a great starting point. Also, fans of our boat totes will recognize the duffle’s “color blocking”: sewing two or more fabric colors into a single product …and a big 2013 trend. For imprinting, our suggestion is a huge text imprint along the colored bottom half of the bag in an off-white ink that matches the natural cotton. This creates a nice integration between the graphic and the duffle.

6. C215 Satchel
This new addition to our Waxed Cotton Canvas line is modeled after old military equipment bags and assumes an interesting juxtaposition to some of our other waxed cotton canvas products. Like the messenger bag, the satchel has a certain counter-culture appeal, but it is not so radical as to clash with the more classic waxed cotton canvas designs, such as our briefcase (C321). And any student will appreciate the satchel’s capacity to carry an assortment of e-readers and tablets.

Have you seen our 2013 catalog yet? Leave a comment below and let us know what’s caught your eye…

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