DropShip Program: Frequently Asked Questions

It’s almost been a year now since we’ve introduced our Carolina Sewn DropShip Program, and over 100 college bookstores are already signed up and enjoying a boost in online sales!

If this is you, or you are still on the fence about the program, or are reading about it here for the first time, we’ve compiled some Q&A that will help you understand how Carolina Sewn DropShip Program works.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when you, as an online retailer, sell a product but don’t hold any actual inventory. Instead, when a customer places an order with you, that order is forwarded to a third party manufacturer or distributor who picks the product from their warehouse, produces the order, and ships it directly to your customer on your store’s behalf.

What are the pros of dropshipping?

Your dropshipping manufacturer/distributor handles order fulfilment for you. On top of that, you don’t need to hold an inventory so there is no risk.

What are the cons of dropshipping?

There is usually a higher cost per product when working with a dropshipper: products are sold one at a time, so there are no quantity price breaks, and dropshippers need to add handling fees to cover the added warehouse labor. So your trade-off for the convenience and low risk is that your margins shrink a little.

What products are part of the Carolina Sewn DropShip Program?

We dropship only select leather products: View selection of products available for dropshipping.

How do I select designs for the products I want to sell?

We show you an inventory of dies for your school that we have on file for you to choose from. If we do not have a die for your school, or a specific design you would like on the products, call and talk to our Carolina Sewn DropShip Program representative who can help you procure one.

Do you provide product images, descriptions and specs?

Yes. Upon signing up for the Carolina Sewn DropShip Program, we’ll send you…

1. Web images for each product, specially prepared with your chosen custom imprint.

2. Product descriptions, specifications and pricing suggestions for each product — all in an Excel file for easy loading into the admin area of your e-commerce platform.

e-Commerce Tip:To get your product web pages to rank better in Google search results, we suggest changing the provided product descriptions slightly by at least rearranging a word or two. This prevents text duplication of other DropShip customer websites… which can confuse Google.

The products are live and I just got an order. Now what?

When someone buys a DropShip item on your website, simply create a purchase order and send it to quickship@carolinasewn.com. Make sure you include your customer’s “ship to” address. We will deboss all items to order and ship them directly to your customer.

How quickly will my customers get their orders?

Our official answer is that products ship within 48 hours (not including weekends) after receiving the order.

In reality, most orders placed before 2:00 p.m. go out that same day. Depending on where the package is going, it usually arrives in 3-5 business days via UPS Ground.

How are orders and billing handled?

You can handle your own customer billing however you choose, but Carolina Sewn DropShip will send you an individual invoice for each order we handle. This includes the wholesale cost of the item, royalties (if applicable), our dropship fee, and a flat shipping rate for deliveries in the continental U.S. (get in touch to find out our current fees and rates).

How are royalties handled?

If royalties need to be added, they will only be added to the regular wholesale price, not the dropship fee or the shipping charge. Royalties will appear on your invoice.

How do I get my college bookstore started with the DropShip Program?

Get on the phone with your sales representative, or give us a call directly (1 800 920-5944) and ask for our Quickship representative to help you get set up. You can also email us at quickship@carolinasewn.com.

Got your own questions about Carolina Sewn DropShip Program or dropshipping in general? Ask us below.

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